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   : 30 2022
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About the School

It was in 2005 that Abba Vittorio was assigned to the St. Nicholas of Bari Catholic church as the Chaplain of the Eritrean Catholic community. With the collaboration of the visiting Capuchin sisters from Eritrea and volunteers from the parish community, he managed to start some Tigrigna and cultural classes in the basement of the church. As the place was not very convenient, Abba Vittorio delegated Mr. Bahlibi to look for possibilities that the Tigrigna School be part of the international languages of Toronto Catholic District School Board (TCDSB). This was accomplished in February 2006 and as a result St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School was assigned for Saturdays for the Tigrigna school program.

The success of the school encouraged the leaders of the school to apply to the ministry of education so that Tigrigna credit courses be given to the students after finishing grade 8. In collaboration with TCDSB and ministry of education, permit was granted in 2008 to run grade 9 and 10 credit courses at the same time with the elementary classes. At any given time of the year there are at least 200 elementary and secondary students at all levels from JK to grade 10 where all students are placed with the same age group or the same class they attend in the regular day school program.

The school was established over 15 years ago and its success is mainly due to the strong stand of the school bringing all Eritrean children to learn their language and be proud of their heritage regardless of their religious or political differences. The dedication of the parents and parents committee and the positive attitude of the instructors towards unity of Eritreans played a big role in the success of the school.

International Languages, Tigrigna
St. Mary of the Angels Catholic School, Toronto

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