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Did you Know that we remember about 10 to 20 percent of what we hear or write. We learn and remember about 80 to 90 percent of what we do and say. In order to learn anything well, we need to read and talk about it with each other and do it a number of times.
   : 17 2022
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Parents/Guardians should:

Ensure that any equipment belonnging to the student is marked with your child’s name.

Remind your child to pack their bags a day before or early in the school day.

In their bags every student should have:

              • Pen and pencil

              • Exercise book and a ruler

              • Eraser and a sharpener

              • A pencil case (to contain listed items)

              • Textbooks (as and when required).

By looking after their belongings, the students can certainly develop their organizational skills. This discipline will help our students in their future.

Letter of the day: For more detail click at the images below to view a short video. Learn one letter a day