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   : 30 2022
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..Modern Tigrigna

Tigrigna is a language spoken in regional parts of Eritrea and Ethiopia in the north eastern part of Africa (see map). It is an official language of Eritrea and a working language of Tigray region in Ethiopia. Tigrigna has an estimated six – seven million speakers from these regions. Tigrigna is one of the most closest and direct descendants of Gheez an ancient Semitic language. Tigrigna is not to be confused with Tigre, which is also another Eritrean language, very close and direct descendant of Gheez.

Tigrigna is written in Gheez script consisting of 32 original base consonants and numerals. Note that there is no uppercase or lowercase differentiation. However, some repetitions of letters exist. To mention one of these letters as an example, we have two transliterations for the letter "s" namely [se] "semay"=sky and the royal "s" [se] "Ngus"=king. Here, the two symbols in Tigrigna for "s" serve different usages, see how the two letters are distinctively used for two different words, "Nguse semayat" = King of heavens implying Almighty God the "King of the universe".

The vowels come in the form of tiny symbols attached to each consonant or reduction of part of the shape. Each letter has 6 more variations to make the desired sound. The orientation of writing in Tigrigna goes from left to right and top to bottom in lines the same way as in English.

Tigrigna and Tigre are also the names of ethnic groups in Eritrea, who speak the languages of Tigrigna and Tigre respectively. Outside of Eritrea, Tigrigna is also spoken by Tigray ethnic group in Ethiopia and in other major cities/towns of the world by communities belonging to Tigrigna/Tigrinya and Tigray ethnicities.

Compare: the similarity between Gheez (below) and Tigrigna (on the left side of this page)

Both quotations written in Tigrigna and Gheez have exactly the same meaning.
Letter of the day: For more detail click at the images below to view a short video. Learn one letter a day