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   : 30 2022
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Should practice good parenting:

Encourage & help your children to communicate in Tigrigna whenever possible.

Regularly maintain the connection between the children and their heritage & culture.

Suggestion At home: make one day of the week, say Wednesday, Eritrean day. Every Wednesday do some of these: Speak in Tigrigna only for a considerable period of time, help your child with Tigrigna homework, eat traditional food, talk about traditional dressing up and accessories, tell them bedtime stories in Tigrigna, watch/listen Tigrigna based media, ERiTV's children's programs "Wari Wari", religious or cultural songs, comedy or film on YouTube (!!! appropriate to age??), play Tigrigna/traditional Games, contact Tigrigna speaking family and friends back home and elsewhere etc..

Praise your child for effort, not for being so smart - for something they can easily control - the amount of effort they put in. This teaches them to persist and that improvement is possible

Make sure they get their sleep - losing an hour of sleep reduces your child’s intelligence.

Honesty :
Let your child know the truth is far important "not just the right answer" and you’re more likely to get the truth most of time.
Letter of the day: For more detail click at the images below to view a short video. Learn one letter a day