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Did you Know that we remember about 10 to 20 percent of what we hear or write. We learn and remember about 80 to 90 percent of what we do and say. In order to learn anything well, we need to read and talk about it with each other and do it a number of times.
   : 17 2022
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Should practice good parenting:

Encourage & help your children to communicate in Tigrigna whenever possible.

Regularly maintain the connection between the children and their heritage & culture.

Suggestion At home: make one day of the week, say Wednesday, Eritrean day. Every Wednesday do some of these: Speak in Tigrigna only for a considerable period of time, help your child with Tigrigna homework, eat traditional food, talk about traditional dressing up and accessories, tell them bedtime stories in Tigrigna, watch/listen Tigrigna based media, ERiTV's children's programs "Wari Wari", religious or cultural songs, comedy or film on YouTube (!!! appropriate to age??), play Tigrigna/traditional Games, contact Tigrigna speaking family and friends back home and elsewhere etc..

Praise your child for effort, not for being so smart - for something they can easily control - the amount of effort they put in. This teaches them to persist and that improvement is possible

Make sure they get their sleep - losing an hour of sleep reduces your child’s intelligence.

Honesty :
Let your child know the truth is far important "not just the right answer" and you’re more likely to get the truth most of time.
Letter of the day: For more detail click at the images below to view a short video. Learn one letter a day